Family Office

From managing real estate and other investments in various locations worldwide to advice on how to structure the ownership of these assets in the best way possible to legally minimise taxes, as a member of MGI Worldwide, MGI Midgley Snelling is well positioned to help you preserve your family wealth across generations.

We offer:

A team of trusted advisors around the world as a single point of contact

We understand that every family is different and so we take pride in offering a truly personalised services to service the entire family’s financial affairs, wherever in the world you need it. Our specialist Global Family Office experts can help maintain and protect a family’s assets against corrupt regimes, taxation authorities and the dissipation of assets by family members.

Breadth of advice and specialist Family Office services

We are perfectly placed to provide the breadth of advice and specialist Family Offices services demanded by high net worth clients from Family Governance, Trust and Corporate Services, Asset Holding, Tax Planning, Wealth Management and Wealth Planning to Charity and Philanthropy.

Jonathan FarrowJonathan Farrow

Jonathan advises on structuring personal and business affairs for non-UK high net worth individuals and businesses. Jonathan regularly travels abroad to meet with clients and has long term family office relationships with wealthy families from Russia, South Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Fluent in French and German and has studied Chinese Mandarin and Spanish, Jonathan works with clients who are looking to invest in the UK and provides assistance in the process of setting up their investments, homes and new businesses here in the UK.