MGI team meet in the City of Spires

Partners Sarah Squires and Jonathan Farrow from MGI Midgley Snelling LLP, met with key members of the MGI Worldwide network to build relationships with international colleagues, enabling them to provide mutual guidance and support to each other when assisting our clients in different countries. 

A highlight of the trip for Sarah was meeting Robbert, a member of MGI in the Netherlands. 

She said: “We discussed an upcoming audit referral from one of my clients who has a subsidiary in the Netherlands, and how Robbert’s firm can help support my client.”  

This interaction reinforced the collaborative spirit within the MGI network and highlights the potential for cross-border client support in the future.” 

Sarah also expressed her gratitude to Chloe, a member of MGI from France.  

Chloe was very responsive and helpful in answering several client-related questions, which showcased the knowledge-sharing aspect of the MGI network. 

Finally, Sarah took the opportunity to visit the MGI firm in Prague, where Hana and two of her team showed her around while the rest of the members got themselves ready for the evening dinner.  

One of the key discussion points during Sarah and Jonathan’s trip centred around automation. 

The main takeaway from this conversation was the importance of reviewing existing processes to identify opportunities for efficient automation and integration with available software solutions, rather than jumping in unprepared.  

Once these processes have been streamlined, the next step is to explore the potential of AI in further enhancing our workflows. 

Sarah said: “The Central Circle meeting has been crucial to our understanding of our international connections; it shows just how well connected we are and solidifies our abilities to rely on each other.  

“I know that everyone in the MGI Worldwide network will be able to refer work to one another as well as ask each other questions on their specialities.”  

The Prague development trip was a valuable experience that emphasised the significance of building relationships within the MGI network to further enhance our client support.  

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