Weybridge accountants help schoolchildren move well

A Weybridge-based accountancy firm has helped local schoolchildren learn how to move well with funding for a yoga teacher, a dance teacher and equipment for a circuit runs.

MGI Midgley Snelling LLP made a donation of £700 through its Midsnell Activity Fund to Pirbright Village Primary School to coincide with the school’s wellbeing week and, in particular, its ‘Move Well’ day.

Tracey Wickens, a Partner at MGI Midgley Snelling LLP, said: “It is vital to encourage children to get moving from a young age. Starting early can help create habits that last a lifetime.

“It is difficult to overstate the benefits of physical activity for people’s all-round wellbeing, which is why at MGI Midgley Snelling LLP we are committed, through the Midsnell Activity Fund, to helping people across our local area to become more active.

“The school’s commitment to helping pupils get active struck us as being perfectly suited to achieving the goals of the Midsnell Activity Fund.

“I hope the legacy of our donation will inspire a lifetime of physical activity for pupils at Pirbright Village Primary School.”

MGI Midgley Snelling LLP established the Midsnell Activity Fund to promote engagement and participation in a range of different activities, enabling more people to live active, healthy and interesting lives.

Further information on applying to the Midsnell Activity Fund is available here: http://www.midsnell.co.uk/about-us/midsnell-activity-fund/.