Secure Document Exchange

We are delighted to offer clients our online Secure Document Exchange service that provides them with secure access to confidential information via the MGI Midgley Snelling LLP website. Once logged in, you gain access to your confidential documents, such as draft and final accounts, tax returns and budgets, as well as cash flow and payroll information. This is the type of confidential information you would normally expect to receive from us by post or non-secure email.

In addition, you can also send us confidential information using this system.

Why should you use this service?

Standard emails and attachments are delivered in a non-secure environment. This means staff and outside parties could potentially hack into this information, making your confidential financial information public domain property. This new service provides full encryption in a level 4 secure environment. This is effectively as strong and secure as internet banking and the UK’s defence systems.

In addition, you also have access to your financial information anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This innovation recognises the need of many clients to be able to work on the move. Access will be precisely monitored and controlled, providing you with the assurance that only those with your authorisation can retrieve information and that the service will not compromise the integrity of sensitive information.

Register today

To register for this service just click here and enter the information as prompted. Once we receive this notification, we will set up your secure account and your user name and password will be automatically sent to you. You can then, if you wish, change your password to something more memorable.

How it works

Step one

Log in using your unique username and password.

Step two

Once logged in, you are taken straight to your secure area where you can retrieve documents and send documents to us.

Retrieval of documents

To download your document(s), just click on each file to view and save them on your own computer.

Retrieval of documents

Sending a document

To send a document, just browse your own computer or network to select the document and double click. You also have the option to send a notification email to MGI Midgley Snelling LLP if this is a document you want us to action.

Sending a document

Next steps

If you register, confirmation of your unique user name and password will be sent by email within a few days.