Due diligence

Acquisition of a UK business

When you are considering buying a business in the UK, it is important to ensure there will be no nasty surprises within your new acquisition.

At MGI Midgley Snelling LLP, our specialists can verify that the information provided by the seller is correct and that the business is a viable entity. Depending on your requirements, we will examine some or all of the following:

  • The external business environment in which the company operates
  • The internal structure and systems
  • The financial position, including profits, cash flow, assets and liabilities
  • Whether any forecasts or estimates are reasonable
  • The taxation position and relationships with any relevant authorities.

We can complete this work for any UK business, no matter where it is located.

In addition to helping you receive peace of mind with an acquisition in the UK, MGI Midgley Snelling LLP can assist with a number of other financial matters, including:

  • Selling a UK based business
  • Share valuations
  • Obtaining grants or other assistance