Make your New Year’s resolution more referrals

As we step into the new year, MGI Midgley Snelling LLP encourages all member firms of MGI Worldwide to adopt a powerful resolution: to prioritise and enhance the practice of mutual referrals.

This initiative is not just about business development. It’s about fostering a stronger, more interconnected global network that benefits each member and their clients.

The power of referrals in building relationships

Referrals are the lifeblood of professional services, providing a trusted pathway for business expansion and client satisfaction.

When a member firm refers a client to another MGI Worldwide member, it demonstrates a deep trust in that member’s expertise and service quality.

This trust not only strengthens the bonds within our network but also enhances our collective reputation in the eyes of our clients.

Benefits of cross-border referrals

The unique structure of MGI Worldwide, with its diverse geographic and sectoral spread, offers a fertile ground for cross-border referrals.

Such referrals are invaluable in today’s globalised business environment, where clients often require expert advice in multiple jurisdictions.

By leveraging our global presence, we can provide comprehensive solutions that span continents, cultures, and legal systems, adding significant value to our clients’ businesses.

Encouraging greater intra-network collaboration

Encouraging referrals within MGI Worldwide fosters a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

It allows member firms to tap into the collective expertise and resources of our global network, leading to better client outcomes.

This collaboration also opens up opportunities for learning and development among member firms, as they gain insights into different markets and professional practices.

How each of us can improve

As we look forward to the year ahead, we urge each member firm to make referrals a key part of their strategic approach.

This commitment involves:

  • Actively seeking opportunities to refer clients within the network.
  • Building deeper relationships with other member firms to understand their specialisations and strengths.
  • Participating in MGI Worldwide events and platforms to enhance visibility and connections within the network.
  • Providing exceptional service to referred clients, thereby reinforcing the trust and bond within our network.

Final thoughts

Making referrals a New Year’s resolution is a step towards realising the full potential of our global network.

It’s about creating a win-win scenario where each member firm grows, and clients receive the best possible service, wherever they are in the world.

Let’s embrace this resolution and move forward together, strengthening our network and delivering exceptional value to our clients.

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