What does the new Horizon Europe agreement signify for UK enterprises?

With an allocation exceeding £82 billion, Horizon Europe stands as the principal financial initiative for research and innovation within the European Union (EU). 

The UK is set to join the Horizon programme starting January 2024.  

This initiative amplifies the influence of research and development (R&D) by facilitating partnerships and providing financial support.  

It also bolsters job creation and economic expansion by enhancing the industrial competitiveness of European nations and maximising the benefits of R&D across Europe. 

While most participating countries are EU members, the UK has become part of an exclusive set of non-EU nations, including Norway, Israel, and New Zealand, that are also involved. 

Horizon’s objectives 

Horizon Europe has pinpointed five critical challenges they aim to tackle through their funding: 

  • Mitigating climate change 
  • Eliminating cancer 
  • Improving ocean and water quality 
  • Advancing smart cities 
  • Enriching soil health 

If your enterprise is contributing to any of these objectives, you could qualify for a portion of the £82 billion available. 

Application process 

This fresh avenue for applying to the programme suggests that a growing number of UK enterprises will begin to explore EU funding opportunities.  

Therefore, it’s advisable to submit your application early and ensure it is both precise and compelling. 

Consulting a certified accountant can significantly enhance your likelihood of securing Horizon Europe funding.  

The earlier you seek professional advice, the sooner you can apply for funds, thereby increasing your chances of approval. 

Our team of seasoned international accountants is uniquely positioned to guide you through EU funding possibilities.  

Moreover, our extensive MGI Worldwide network means that even if you don’t qualify for the Horizon programme, we may still be able to identify alternative financing options for your business. 

Speak to one of our team today to discuss funding options for your business or visit our website.

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